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Small tattoos and script can you usually be done on the day providing we have availability!


If you would like to book an appointment for a tattoo simply click on the BOOK NOW box and select your appointment time and your artist and we will contact you to discuss your design idea, size and placement ahead of your scheduled appointment time, You will receive a quoted price for small designs, medium and large tattoos are charged by the hour and each artist has a different hourly rate depending on their skill level, experience and style. Hourly rates will be discussed during your personal consultation.

Prices will be quoted for small tattoos however medium and large tattoos are charged by the hour based on each artists experience and style.
All tattoo appointments need to be secured with a cash deposit or electronic transfer payment. Deposit amounts depend on the size and time allocated for your tattoo procedure. Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances as we have already allocated time for you and your booking. Please be sure when you select your appointment time.The deposit amount comes off the final price of your tattoo.
If you would like to make a deposit via electronic transfer to secure your booking with us please contact us via email or call us for details.
We have time for small one off, walk in tattoos when time permits, if you feel the urge and cant wait to book simply email us or call and we will happily satisfy your needs!
We are a busy studio and are able to offer all styles of tattooing and offer custom and pre-drawn designs, if we are currently busy we can book you in for the next available appointment within the next few hours, we will do our best to take care of you as soon as we can.
Small and medium designs can be made while you wait however large designs may take a couple of hours to design so be please be patient , you rush perfection!
Big ones like sleeves and backpieces will require a consultation and multiple bookings, you will need to pay a deposit with each booking and allow time for the drawing process.We are able to offer a payment plan provided by Paysmart, an Australian based payment plan business which allows you to make scheduled pre-payments to accumulate funds for large multiple sitting tattoos like sleeves and backpieces. We recommend you email us to pre-arrange a consult beforehand.


Here at The Black Crow Studio we pride ourselves on impeccable service, unique custom style designs, modern sterilization techniques, customer satisfaction and fair pricing.


Our minimum price is $100 ,this covers set up costs for equipment, needles, inks, tubes, hygiene supplies and medical barriers, furniture, power, tax and then the artists commission. It may seem like a lot but a lot of time and effort goes into ensuring your safety and satisfaction, whether it be a tiny love heart or a giant backpiece the quality and craftsmanship levels remains the same.


Here at The Black Crow Studio each artist charges a different rate depending on their years of experience, their abilities, their speed, their style and their demand. Like the tip of an iceberg you only see 10% of what is visible above the surface while 90% remains unseen and unknown.It is the same with the amount of skill and experience an artist has when commencing a tattooing procedure. Hours spent tattooing are vastly outnumbered by hours researching, drawing, and studying to achieve a level where the procedure appears almost effortless.


We have a direct debit system that is perfect for funding your tattoo project. Paysmart is an Australian based service that allows you to make periodical payments for your upcoming tattoo projects, perfect for medium and large works like sleeves, backs and bodysuits, it is a simple, safe method of online payments that allows you to accumulate funds for your scheduled tattoo appointments. Paysmart is one of Australia's largest and long standing direct debit companies based in Brisbane with options of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plans for direct debiting. Please feel free to browse through our gallery and contact us for a consultation.
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Our studio is friendly, safe & clean!
Oh, and we have a great selection of music too :)

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The custom tattoo studio located in OConnor near the port city of Fremantle Western Australia.

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For all your custom tattoo requirements from traditional, old school to modern.
Please feel free to browse through our gallery and contact us for a consultation.
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