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The Black Crow studio prides itself on having a thorough knowledge of Japanese style tattooing, having received a full Japanese bodysuit himself and having won numerous awards Jimmy Irons is fully dedicated to creating unique styles of Japanese tattooing here in the studio



Japanese traditional tattoos are typified by a large single design or symbolic subject taken from Japanese iconography such as Samurai warriors, gods, deities and demons, mythical creatures such as Dragons, Kirin, Phoenix, Baku, Tigers, Foodog, Koi etc. It is often embellished with other complimentary elements like cherry blossom, maple leaves , chrysanthemum, peonies , lotus and then wind, water, rocks, fire. Japanese tattoos are some of the most powerful, aesthetic and holistically balanced of all the tattoo styles and are nothing short of breath taking when seen in the flesh.


Arms can be full sleeve, three quarter or half sleeve and still hold true to tradition and look powerful. For males the chestplate covers most of the chestplate and for females the area coverved is slightly lessened to create a more feminine look. The elements used are the same as used on the back and are interchangeable to create a unique aesthetic. Sleeves can be done first and then the back depending on your objective.


The Japanese tattoo uses the largest surface of the body the entire back area. It extends from the top of the shoulders down both sides of the abdomen to end below the buttocks area. From the back the tattoo covers the arms, the chest, the abdomen, and thighs to create one seamless piece.

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